If you are interested in commissioning a portrait from me, the process looks like this:

  1. Email me or message me on FaceBook. Include your name and tell me about the portrait you’re looking for. If you have some photos of the subject, you can include them, but be aware that I will need other, high-quality pictures. There is no commitment, so even if you aren’t sure, email me anyway.
  2. When we reach and agreement on size and timing, I will send you a paypal invoice for a down payment (usually half the final cost).
  3. When I receive payment and any additional photographs I need, I will begin work. Be sure to read the information I provide about what makes a good source photograph
  4. I will up date your periodically, sending you in-progress pictures of your portrait.
  5. When the work is complete, and you have agreed it meets your expectations, I will bill you for the balance.
  6. When the payment has been received, I will ship the portrait to you.

Note If you do not have PayPal, contact me anyway!  I have a storefront on Etsy.com, which I can use as an alternate way for you to purchase a portrait that protects us both. You can pay with a credit card through Etsy.


I create portraits in a variety of sizes. The exact dimensions often depend on the specific photograph you send me. Price depends on whether I am creating a pet portrait or a person portrait, as well as the size.

Size Price –
Price –
Small – 4×6 to 5×7 $35-$50 $20-$30 10-20 Hours
Medium- 5×7 to 8×10 $65-$90 $30-$50 20-30 Hours
Large – 8×10 to 10×12 $100 – $175 $50-$75 30-45 Hours
Extra Large (10×12 and up) $175 + $75+ 45+ Hours
Listed prices are current as of February 2018 and are subject to change.

Note Priority mail shipping is free within the continental US. I will ship internationally.

The best results come with at least a medium, and ideally a large size. This size range allows me to include the most detail, attaining the most realistic quality. The extra large portrait is ideal for a portrait of more than one person.

Note I am open to barter and trade for some or all of the cost of a portrait.


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