Pets hold a special place in our hearts. Whether it’s a dog or a cat, or another critter like a hamster, bunny, parrot, or even a lizard, we love them and they bring us a joy that is like nothing else. We love our pets, and often they are in our lives for such a short time. When they’re gone, photographs are all we have left to remember them by. But a pet portrait created lovingly by hand is a more personalized, special way to remember your beloved fur baby.

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Materials Used

Colored pencil is a versatile and unique medium to use for pet portraits. It allows for the layering of colors and tones, as well as precise control over the lines in the drawing, which is so important to get the fur to look like fur. 

I use a different material when drawing pet portraits than when drawing portraits of people. Depending on the portrait, I use either vellum or drafting film (both are translucent plastic material) or a paper that is soft, almost like velvet. Both of these materials give fur a more life-like appearance. 

The photographs that I use to create each portrait are my most valuable material. Without high quality photographs, I cannot create high quality art. Be sure to learn about what makes a good portrait before selecting the photograph you want me to use. 

Examples of Pet Portraits

Below is one of the first pet portraits I drew. It’s of my dog Ein. Here you can see the actual photo I used, as well as the finished portrait.







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