Imagine a visitor coming to your website for the first time. What do they find there?  Does your website provide the information visitors need to be informed and choose your business? 

Website design is important and attracts visitors to your site, but what keeps them there is the content. “Content is King” is an oft-quoted phrase, but it’s true. If the content on your site is of a poor quality, visitors may get confused and frustrated and leave your website — leaving your business behind in favor of a competitor. 

Hiring a copywriter who can identify the areas on your website that need attention and correct the issues can boost not only the number of people who remain on your website and choose your services or products, but also increase the number of people who find your website in the first place. Well-written content can improve your website’s search engine ranking, or where your site appears in the list of search results. A copywriter who knows her field can dramatically improve the impact of your website on the success of your business. 

Improve your website today!

Copywriting and Other Services

I provide the following services. Contact me to discuss your needs and the rates I charge. 

  • Copywriting – I write copy (content) for websites, blogs, brochures, handouts, and more. 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – In writing for websites, I incorporate SEO strategies that will boost your website’s ranking in search engine listings. 
  • Technical Writing – I write technical documentation, including user manuals, administration manuals, API documentation, white papers, and more. My skills lie in understanding complex systems and translating the information into more simple terms that are understandable to a wide variety of audiences. 
  • Blog Posts and Articles – Writing on a wide variety of topics, from yoga to tea and neuroscience to dog training, I put together interesting, well-written pieces with research to back up any points I make. 

  • API Technical Documentation – I write documentation for APIs written in JSON, XML, and REST. 
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